Wedding Barn Metal Roof in Florida: Designed for Durability and Aesthetics

Posted by StealthBond® on August 30, 2018 at 10:50 AM

When you're installing a metal roof, you want a high-performance material that is durable. After all, the roof serves the purpose of protecting everything inside the structure: people, foundation, wiring. In addition to quality, a roof should be attractive, complementary. A lot goes into building a home. Plans are developed to make it easier for residents to get the most out of the building while also being beautiful. The roof is part of this consideration. It needs to, first and foremost, excel in its role as a protective barrier against the elements and also be visually pleasing.

There are a lot of materials on the market that offer everything already mentioned. They make declarations about longevity, durability, and aesthetics, but few can live up to these statements. Metal is one of the best building materials for roofing systems. It offers homeowners with an unprecedented lifespan of about 35-40 years. It can withstand some of the harshest climates and almost anything mother nature throws at it. However, this material doesn't just provide substance over style. Metal can be manipulated into a myriad of shapes, transformed through the use of color, and improve the overall look and feel of any home or building.

That's why the owner of a wedding venue decided to install a metal roof. They hired a local roofing contractor who decided to take the design up a notch by implementing a revolutionary new system.

Why Choose Metal Roofing

Any functional structure is an investment worth protecting. Just ask Paul Furr, owner of Florida-based roofing company PDF Roofing LLC. His company works exclusively with metal roofing installations because "a metal roof has superior durability, especially when dealing with mother nature. Able to withstand winds of up to 178 mph, metal roofing is the smartest choice you can make in Florida's harsh environment. Asphalt roofs only last 12-15 years in Florida, compared to 30 plus years for metal."

Furr and his company recently worked on the installation of a metal roof for a wedding barn. The owners wanted something that would protect the structure but also be visually appealing. PDF Roofing LLC was asked to complete the task because of metal's endless benefits. After you take into consideration the strength of the material, you'll need to consider the effects it has on saving energy. The application of the metal reduces energy consumption in both summer and winter. Add topical coatings, and you're looking at unparalleled energy savings. Your carbon footprint means a lot these days. Choosing metal means you're working with a recycled and recyclable building material.

The Aesthetics of a Metal Roof

The traditional use of metal roofing systems employs long sheets with crimp design that lends itself to drainage. Typically, screws act as the fastener when securing the panels to the structure. Sometimes, these screws are unsightly. They also cause problems if special care isn't taken when tightening them into place. They can create gaps or encourage movement that reduces the metal's power.

When completing the barn project, Furr, and his team decided they wanted to implement a system that had both strength and the aesthetic. Weddings are important markers in life. The ceremony serves as a celebration of the union between two entities coming together. While the day should focus entirely on the couple, the location will forever be the backdrop. That being said, the barn needed to emit a sense of rustic beauty. Furr knew what system he was going to use to achieve this look. Many residents mentioned they liked the look of a metal roof but not the fasteners. In a recent article for Roofers Coffee Shop, Furr said: "I always like to be on the cutting edge of new technology, especially when it comes to metal roofing." When he came across a new adhesive system at a roofing expo, he employed its use for this project. It would have all the benefits of a traditional metal roof without the exposed fasteners. The barn's owner was thrilled to know there was a more attractive option on the market.

The new technology? StealthBond®.

Metal Roofing Using Adhesive

StealthBond® was born out of the necessity for a screwless metal roofing system. Clients were tired of unwanted and unnecessary leaks. The average metal roof can have upwards of 2,500 exposed screws. That's 2,500 opportunities for premature tearing in the material and gaps that allow water to move through the panels. StealthBond® created an adhesive installation system that was unlike anything else on the market. Not only did it afford a superior level of functionality, the results far surpassed even Furr's expectations. In the same article, he said: "There was no oil canning, which is huge for a metal roof. That was impressive; that, to me, was the number one most impressive thing.”

Furr and his builders were pleased with the results. The installation process was smooth and reliable. It offered a clean look and wouldn't have leaks caused by screws. The beauty wasn't lost on the builders. It also caught the eye of a local developer. As a result, the system is now in the world to be added to the construction plans of a 20-home neighborhood.

If you would like to learn more about StealthBond® and how it can benefit your project, visit our website today.

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