Top 5 Apps for Roofing Contractors

Posted by StealthBond® on November 16, 2016 at 5:41 PM

Acting as the frontline protector from the outside elements, the roof is perhaps the most important aspect of any house.  As long as individuals need a stable roof over their head, there will always be a demand for a roofing contractor’s work.  And in today’s technology-dominant age, roofing contractors need to be up to date with the most advanced and sophisticated tools in order to most efficiently and effectively serve their clients.  More often than not these tools come in the form of mobile apps, making them easily accessible by contractors across the globe.  So if you are a roofing contractor, don’t fall behind on the latest technology and be sure to download these apps to help assist your craft.

1) Roofing Calculator Pro

This calculating app allows you to estimate roof cost and roof area based on various inputs such as house ground dimensions, roof slope, shingles type, etc.  The app is perfect for intricate projects that call for detailed cost estimates of materials and labor.  With Roofing Calculator Pro, there’s no need to go to the main office; simply retrieve all the information you need from the field to your phone or tablet. 

2) Pitch Gauge

Pitch Gauge allows you to effortlessly calculate the pitch of your roof without performing any life-threatening actions.  Don’t know the slope of your roof and also don’t have a ladder or a burning desire to climb up and measure it yourself?  Well then Pitch Gauge is for you.  With this amazing roofing app all you have to do is simply stand on the ground and use your phone’s camera to accurately measure your roof’s pitch.  It’s safe, precise, and a must-download for all roofing contractors.

3) AccuLynx

This app is the perfect construction management tool for roofing experts.  Helping you stay organized with your leads, appointments, and jobs, AccuLynx is a great app that will also allow you to stay in contact with the other contractors in your roofing company.

4) Roofing Bid

Roofing Bid is one of the best cost-estimating app on the market.  With the ability to accurately estimate time, material, and labor costs, you can be sure that nothing is going to waste.  Moreover, the app lets you key in mark-up prices, view your overhead costs and profits, and as a result stay on track to get decent dividends on your investment.

5) iRoofing

Like Pitch Gauge, this mobile solution eliminates the need to climb on your roof to fetch any data.  iRoofing utilizes the power of satellites, granting you access to unique information and images that can help you select the best kinds of materials for your roof.  Additionally, this wonder-app has a simulation feature, which permits you to simulate the completed roof installation.  Your clients are guaranteed to be impressed!

These are only a few of the best mobile solutions out there for roofing contractors. Truth be told, apps like these can be the difference between a messed up project and one delivered on time and within the budget.  If you want to serve your clients in the best ways possible, then start downloading!   

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