StealthBond® to Participate in 2018’s Southeast Building Conference

Posted by StealthBond® on August 9, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Kissimmee, FL - StealthBond® an adhesive-based metal roofing installation system, will be at the annual Southeast Building Conference (SEBC), August 16 & 17, 2018.

The StealthBond® system is a patented adhesive metal roofing installation that foregoes the need for fasteners. The team will be on hand at this year’s expo to demonstrate their innovative product. To view the exhibit and meet the team, StealthBond® will be in booth #1221

“We always look forward to participating in the Southeast Building Conference,” said Magan Jenkins, Marketing Manager for StealthBond®. “This is one of Florida’s largest shows that focuses on educating the home building industry with the latest information about design and technology. It will be an honor to share with others just how our system can help roofing professionals provide customers with an innovative system such as ours.”

The StealthBond® System was created to solve the age-old problem of how to install a metal roof without surface penetrations that provides more surface area bonding than a traditional screw installation. The result is a continuous bond across the entire width of the panel, as opposed to screws which fasten only at a single point.

Some of the many benefits of StealthBond® include:

  • Patented metal roofing system using adhesive.
  • Eliminates screw penetrations.
  • Easy and reliable installation using structural adhesive technology.
  • Clean, screw-free look preferred by homeowners.
  • Perfect for residential and light commercial applications.
  • Florida Building Code Approved.
  • Miami-Dade Building Code Approved.
  • ICC Approved.

About StealthBond®

StealthBond® is a revolutionary new metal roofing system and the first to use structural adhesive technology for metal roof installations. The system eliminates exposed fasteners on traditional 5V Crimp and 3ft Ribbed metal roofing panels, trims and flashings. It provides architects and builders with a clean, modern, “Key West” look for their clients. Located in Florida, StealthBond® is the Next Generation of Installation®.

About The SEBC Expo

For the past 40 years, Southeast Building Conference has been the premier trade event in the southeast. Hosted by the Florida Home Builders Association (FHBA), the three day expo program provides seminars, education, industry briefings and networking opportunities to anyone and everyone working in the building industry.

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About StealthBond®

The StealthBond® installation system provides a luxurious concealed fastener look for 5V Crimp metal roofs—the “Key West” look without all the screws.

Each StealthBond® roofing installation is custom, and StealthBond® dealers are authorized and trained to give homeowners a beautiful roof they can be proud of.

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