StealthBond® Limited Lifetime Warranty

Posted by StealthBond® on October 22, 2018 at 10:09 AM

As a homeowner you want the best roofing system to protect your family and your investment. Here are some quick facts about the StealthBond® System:

  1.   No Screws - The StealthBond® installation system for metal roofing uses structural adhesive instead of screw fasteners. No screws = no holes. No holes = no leaks.
  1.   The Look You Want - Get the “Key West” look of 5V crimp or the classic 3ft Ribbed panel without all the screws.
  2.   Warranty - The StealthBond® System offers a 40 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty Click here for details.
  3.   Trusted Installers- All StealthBond® installers are trained and authorized.

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A metal roofing system that eliminates unnecessary screw holes in your roof AND provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The decision seems pretty clear.

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About StealthBond®

The StealthBond® installation system provides a luxurious concealed fastener look for 5V Crimp metal roofs—the “Key West” look without all the screws.

Each StealthBond® roofing installation is custom, and StealthBond® dealers are authorized and trained to give homeowners a beautiful roof they can be proud of.

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