Adhesive Innovations in Metal Roofing Installation

Posted by StealthBond® on November 9, 2017 at 3:52 PM

If you’re wondering what’s new on the roof, you’ve come to the right place. StealthBond® is proud to be the latest innovation in metal roof installation. Homeowners, builders, architects and roofing contractors are invited to download our latest free resource to learn more about our innovative and industry-changing metal roofing system.

Metal Roofing Systems Before StealthBond®

Before StealthBond® entered the market consumers had two options when choosing a metal roof: exposed fastener systems and concealed fastener systems. Both systems rely on screws that penetrate the metal roofing panel to fasten it to the roof decking below. While the concealed fastener look is preferred by many homeowners, the system still relies on fasteners that penetrate the metal roofing profile.

Metal Roofing Installation After StealthBond®

Today, homeowners have a better option: StealthBond®. The StealthBond® system provides a new way to install metal roofing, without all the screws.

Using tested adhesive technology, the StealthBond®  installation system gives homeowners the luxurious look of a 5V Crimp without screw penetrations.

With encouragement and input from roofing contractors and leaders in the metal roofing industry, the team at StealthBond® developed a proprietary installation system to take metal roofing installation to the next level.

In our latest eBook, you’ll learn more about why StealthBond® inventor Jim Horton decided the  to explore the use of structural adhesive as the foundation for this alternative metal roofing installation system and how it works.

We’ll also discuss the three major components of the system:

StealthConnector®: Metal strapping that is laid across the decking. The StealthBond® Adhesive is applied to the StealthConnector®.
  • StealthBond® Adhesive: Structural adhesive applied to the StealthConnector® that acts as the fastening method for the metal roofing panels.
  • StealthBond® Metal Roofing: Metal Roofing panels, available in different profiles, lay into the adhesive and adhere to the roof.

“Adhesive Innovations in Metal Roofing” also discusses the benefits of the StealthBond® System, which range from its tested strength to its clean aesthetic. Learn more about the benefits of using our revolutionary adhesive-based roofing system today! Download your free copy below.

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StealthBond® is Miami Dade Approved as well as State of Florida Approved and a member of the FRSA.

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About StealthBond®

The StealthBond® installation system provides a luxurious concealed fastener look for 5V Crimp metal roofs—the “Key West” look without all the screws.

Each StealthBond® roofing installation is custom, and StealthBond® dealers are authorized and trained to give homeowners a beautiful roof they can be proud of.

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